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What is Warestack in simple words?

Cloud workflows is an amazing software development strategy, but it’s still hard to use. You spend days or months to perfect your cloud infrastructure configurations and deployment pipelines, and then you might need to adapt! This causes late software releases, slow market adoption, capital waste and high development risks. On the other hand, DevOps engineers are expensive, and the usual solution of DevOps consultants leads to money waste, ephemeral low-quality solutions with hard-coded pipelines. Before you know it, you are locked into a cloud provider and it is hard to move out. 

The reason integration of cloud workflows is so hard to use is not because it’s inherently hard. There are exceptional tools like GitHub and Terraform, and providers like AWS and GCP with everything you need. But, the problem is how to compose all these in the most optimal way. There is not a single method to define all your possible compositions.

Warestack creates workflow abstractions using a simple grammar and then runs it in the cloud. It has a library of open-source templates that you can run using a user interface. If you're building your own cloud resources, Warestack makes it easy to deploy them at your own provider.

    What is a cloud workflow?

    A cloud workflow refers to the automation of processes and tasks in a cloud computing environment. It involves managing, coordinating, and executing workflows and processes using cloud-based services and resources. A cloud workflow automates everything that can be automated, so there are no limits.

      Why should I use a Warestack cloud workflow?

      It offers a set of benefits including:

      • Scalability: Cloud workflows can easily scale resources.
      • Cost-Effectiveness: Cloud workflows can help you optimize your costs.
      • Integration Capabilities: Cloud workflows can seamlessly integrate XaaS.
      • Automation of Repetitive Tasks: Routine and repetitive tasks reduce errors.
      • Rapid Deployment and Updates: implement new workflows or modify existing ones with no downtime.
      • Data Security and Compliance: offer robust security measures and compliance with various regulations such as deployment regions.
      • Improved Collaboration: A centralized platform for managing and executing team’s tasks.
      • Real-time Monitoring and Analytics: Cloud workflows provide operational insights.

      What is a Warestack seed?

      Seeds are pre-configured project templates. Instead of starting from scratch, seeds provide developers with a foundational codebase, configuration, and structure. This way, you can dive right into building features and implementing your logic.

      • Frontend Frameworks: React, Vue.js, Angular, etc.
      • Backend Frameworks: Node.js, Django, Flask, etc.
      • Data Processing: Pandas, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Kubernetes Jobs, etc.
      • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: TensorFlow, PyTorch, SciKit-Learn, Keras, etc.
      • Infrastructure as Code: Infrastructure templates for automating cloud infrastructure provisioning.
      • CI/CD & Automation Tools: Workflow templates for continuous and integration and delivery.

      Can I deploy in my cloud account and use my credits?

      Yes, you can utilize your resources. Integrate your existing or create self-managed resources and take advantage of the open source ecosystem and user interface features in your account.

        What are Warestack’s supported resources?

        Cloud resources refer to providers, codebases, actions, configurations, dependencies and more.

          What technologies and tools Warestack uses?

          Warestack utilizes a set of tools to automate your deployments including providers such as AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure, GitHub, Terraform, Cloudflare and others. You can find more information in the sub-processors page.

            What is a powerful runner?

            A powerful runner is a GitHub Actions refering to a high-performance computing environment that is capable of efficiently handling resource-intensive tasks in CI/CD workflows, offering benefits like faster processing, customization, and flexibility.

              What is Warestack’s open source solution?

              • Compose integrations of recipes using Warestack’s Domain Specific Language (DSL)
              • Develop and deploy using Warestack ingredients (template library)
              • Deploy on Kubernetes in user’s cloud accounts
              • Develop, run and manage EaaS yourself - develop using the command line interface

              How can I download the Warestack CLI?

              • Access our releases in our Releases GitHub repository.

              What is a Warestack workflow runner?

              • Local runners are particularly useful for developers who frequently modify GitHub Actions workflows and want a quick way to test changes without having to push every change to GitHub. It's also helpful for those who wish to run workflows in a specific, customized environment that differs from what GitHub provides.

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