Your everyday workflow platform

Kickstart your compositions of cloud workflows within minutes using our AI-powered platform.

Control the entire workflow lifecycle from a unified single platform.

AI-guided workflow automation, from creation to debugging and scheduling.

Seamless and instructive workflow composition, validation, execution and management.

Workspaces to manage multiple workflows with shared assets.

Efficiently manage your workspace, including workflow environments, runs, jobs, assets and dependencies, using our dashboard.

Warestack or self-managed runners hosted by you.

Choose between operating your own runners or opting for Warestack's cost-effective runners. Optimize expenses and time.

Build workflows for your desired tech

Unlock the full potential of cloud workflows in software development by composing your desired integrations.

Workflows for infrastructures

Automate processes for workflow management of Kubernetes and other virtualized environments on AWS, GCP and MS Azure.

Handle routine tasks, reduce manual effort and minimizing the risk of human errors using our all-inclusive dashboard.

Workflows for full-stack apps

Manage workflows for setting up development, deployment, and maintenance of full-stack apps for your teams.

Manage lifecycles, from initial planning and design, to testing and maintenance using optimized CI/CD pipelines.

Workflows for AI models

Structure steps and processes for the creation, training, evaluation, and deployment of artificial intelligence models and ETL pipelines.

Automate workflow runs for AI-apps into staging and production environments using AI-powered insights.

Utilize affordable and optimized runners

Self-managed powerful runners on ephemeral resources — Workflows that can be either executed locally or utilizing our ephemeral resources. Our powerful runners reduce your costs up to 60% and can also run in-house under license.

Workspaces to manage multiple workflows with shared assets.

Kickstart your workflows utilizing our ephemeral runners and validate your workflows in real-time.

Self-managed or ephemeral runners.

Execute workflows locally using you existing resources and reduce runner costs to zero.

Effortless kickstart

Do not loose time creating hard coded workflows and switching between different libraries, frameworks, deployments, and configuring boilerplates. Create your workflows in minutes using our open-source seeds.

Warestack seamless approach

Benefit from our real time workflow creation and validation services that integrate seamlessly with cloud providers.

Integrate with your provider

Integrate with a diverse range of providers, that are powered by highly efficient and robust runners for optimal performance.

Unified workflow compositions

Leverage our domain-specific language enforced with GitHub syntax to transform complex logic into clear, executable cloud workflows, reducing your CI/CD overhead. Utilize our copilot to help you compose, edit and validate complex workflows.

Domain specific language

Use Warestack’s open-source DSL to define your resources, actions, and dependencies in YAML files.

Open-source Ingredients

Utilize implementation and configuration repositories for workflows that include seed codebases, GitHub actions and others.

Centralized dashboard

Our dashboard provides an intuitive interface for invoking and observing workflows with access to operational insights from different systems. Debug and resolve workflows issues using AI recommendations in minutes.

Invoke and observe

A seamless experience on monitoring with AI-driven recommendations for optimizing your workflows.

Debug and resolve

Resolve issues with actionable insights by aggregating metrics and reports from multiple systems into a single, unified interface.

Predictive workflow insights

We use AI to provide predictive insights and optimizations for workflow task executions using pattern analysis. Our co-pilot adapts by learning workflow behaviors and reduce the time and effort needed for debugging and enhancing overall efficiency.

Optimized workflows

Build agile and dynamic workflows composed on-the-fly and schedule your tasks using pattern analysis.

Collaborate and manage teams

Allow your team to focus on innovation rather than routine troubleshooting using our AI-based scheduler to streamline processes.

We believe in the power of the open-source community
  • Join our open-source community to request or contribute to new workflow seeds for your preferred technologies.
  • Access our open-source repositories including seed codebases, IaC templates, services, Kubernetes Helm charts, GitHub workflows, dependencies and more.
  • Help us develop a community-driven solution for seamless resource provisioning of cloud-native applications.

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