AI-powered cloud workflow automation

Create and manage your cloud workflows with Warestack's AI-enhanced natural language copilot. Utilize our powerful runners for workflow execution and scheduling, while accessing your critical insights via our dashboard.

What is Warestack?

An AI-powered platform for cloud workflow creation, execution and management.

Warestack offers comprehensive operational insights and fosters enhanced decision-making through predictive analytics and machine learning-based workflow debugging and scheduling.

Utilize our AI-Powered copilot to create and manage workflows.

Guided and dynamic workflow creation.

Seamless integration with local and scalable self-hosted runners.

Efficient & cost-effective workflow runs.

Access enhanced workflow insights, metrics and logs to fix and deliver.

AI-powered debugging and monitoring.

How does it work?

Streamline your workflow pipelines with our OpenAI copilot

We provide a community driven open-source registry featuring optimized workflows ready for deployment in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure environments.


Kickstart workflows in minutes for cloud-native applications, data processing, analysis and others. Eliminate delays of commit-push-test iterations, using real-time workflow validation.


Utilize self-managed runners to execute workflows using Warestack’s robust infrastructure, whether on-premise or on your own cloud resources.


Create workspaces with multiple workflows that utilize shared assets, saving both time and money. Group and streamline your workflow scheduling.


Accelerate error resolution and workflow optimization with AI-guided recommendations, consolidating system metrics and logs.

Open-source contribution

Explore our open-source workflow repositories — use the available seed codebases, configurations, manifests, and actions. Contribute to our community by submitting issues for feature or pull requests for your custom solutions.

Together, we can innovate and refine the future of workflow automation.

Warestack features

We empower seamless integration across multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies.

Empower your development team with our cost-effective, user-friendly workflow management solution, and shift the focus to product innovation by simplifying the complexities of workflow management.

Workflow composition

Dynamic, fast and optimized AI-based workflow composition.

Our copilot simplifies complex cloud tasks, enabling quick creation of workflows for various use cases across AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Unified workflow ecosystem

Share and reuse environments across different workflows.

Use our dashboard and ensure smooth transitions across different staging and production environments, reducing manual oversight.

Self-managed workflow runners

Self-managed powerful runners on ephemeral resources.

Manage your runners at low cost, by executing them locally or utilizing our ephemeral resources. Validate your workflows in real-time and save costs.

Share workflows with teams

Share workspaces with multiple workflows, runners and environments within your team.

Ensure consistency in workflow outcomes, reduce discrepancies, and manage the troubleshooting process.

Open-source cloud workflows

Powered by our open source community.

Utilize our preconfigured and optimized workflows that use GitHub syntax and kickstart your workspaces in minutes.

Enhanced observability & insights

A seamless experience on error handling and AI-driven recommendations.

Aggregate metrics and logs from multiple systems into a single, unified interface and speeds-up debugging using AI-recommendations.

Use cases

for full-stack apps

Kickstart workflows for your favorite tech such as full-stack, backend, frontend and others.

Workflows for databases
and processing tasks

Provision of all required actions and configurations for database and processing systems.

Workflows for
provisioning orchestrators

Secure and optimized workflows for Kubernetes, virtual machines and other cloud resources.

Workflows for
ETL and AI-based tasks

Workflows for language models, extract, transform, load pipelines and other AI models.

Open-source workflow integrations with providers and ecosystems

Leverage our open-source workflows to build integrations with leading providers, ecosystems, and pipeline management tools, enabling rapid workflow creation and consistent, reproducible environments.


Use Warestack to create workflows for popular cloud providers.


Compose workflows to integrate with popular ecosystems.


Integrate with leading tools and leverage the best tech to elevate your processes.

All systems are normal