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Welcome to Warestack documentation

What is Warestack?

Warestack is a platform to help developers accelerate building, running and deploying software on the cloud. Instead of creating applications on their local computers and finding ways to move them to the cloud, Warestack provides cloud-native application templates for them to start their coding journey.

In this way, deployment is just one click away. We simplify an overcomplicated process with often-overlooked complexities developers face when deploying secure and scalable services.

Whether you're an individual developer or part of a larger team, Warestack can help you build and deploy your software, focusing on your passion for crafting exceptional software.

Main features

Warestack features include the following.

SeedService blueprints for your selected programming frameworks.
TemplatesPredefined configurations of multiple seeds for composing cloud-native applications.
Database as a servicePre-configured database systems to be used in your deployments.
Team & CollaborationFlexible sharing workspaces with pre-built services, facilitating seamless collaboration.
Secure domainsSecure and custom domain names for your applications and services
Multi-cloudDeploy to AWS and GCP providers
AI-drivenIntelligent monitoring for automating configurations, dependencies and resource management

GitHub repository

The Warestack GitHub repository includes resources for your favorite programming frameworks.

Warestack TV

On the Warestack TV channel on YouTube, you will find helpful tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to build and deploy your applications.

To get started, choose your preferred seed on the left side navbar and follow the YouTube tutorial to start coding!


For optimal accessibility when using a screen reader while reading the docs, we recommend using Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and VoiceOver.

Join our community

If you have questions about you're always welcome to ask our community on the following channels:

  • Warestack at Discord
  • Warestack at GitHub Discussions